Homeopathy for Men

What complaints can be treated?

Sports Injuries

Homeopathic treatments can help with a wide range of aches and stresses in the body. Pain relief, Swelling, Bruising, Shock, Healing etc can all be aided with Homeopathy. Homeopathic Remedies can all be taken safely during sports because they are 100% natural and have no side effects.

Stress & Anxiety

Modern life if very stressful and men are traditionally not good at releasing stress and tend to store it up. This stress and anxiety can manifest itself in a wide range of complaints from back and neck pain to piles tiredness and a host of other complaints. Homeopathic treatments can help you deal successfully with stress and the complaints that they present. By looking at the body as a whole homeopathy can help resolve the core underlying issues as well as the symptoms.

Back & Spinal

The way we work and play are putting a huge burden on our backs. Over 50% of Men over the age of 35 will experience back pain. It really is one of the huge areas of human wellbeing that modern medicine has really struggled with. Homeopathy can help shed light on the underlying problems causing back pain and can also through pain relief and muscle relaxation help resolve acute & chronic back pain.


Fertility is a very common problem in men today. There are a huge amount of reasons for this including lifestyle, stress and physical issues. Michelle with the help of her nursing background has learnt to deal with these issues in total confidence. Homeopathy could be the perfect solution because of again it's whole body physical and mental view can help uncover causing problems.

Arthritis & Joint Pains

Men are very commonly afflicted with joint pains and arthritis in life often due to injuries earlier in life and also because of lifestyle and hereditary reasons. These are often chronic complaints that require long-term treatment using conventional medicines. Homeopathy can help relieve these conditions and also to help manage symptoms and progression.


Modern medicine offers an array of mood medications that are often prescribed freely. These medications may help with feelings of depression but come with side effects and risks. Homeopathy can help treat depression using totally natural medicines and can be used in conjunction with conventional medications. A full homeopathic consultation may also help resolve hidden reasons and causes for depression before we try to treat the symptoms.

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Homeopathy - Fact

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses naturally occurring substances in remedy format to stimulate the body's ability to overcome illness.

Natural Medicine

Men are notorious for doctor dodging and traditionally hate taking medicines. Natural Medicines like homeopathy are perfect and totally safe to take including during sports.

Homeopathy for Flu

During the flu epidemic of 1918, 24,000 cases of flu treated conventionally had a mortality rate of 28.2%, while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%.